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Some styles!

Peace! I'm a little sleepy this morning, but I am in the mood to "blog" lol. Anyway..I'm still going with the loc extensions, and I 've even managed to get a few styles going this time around. Instead of using rollers and pipe cleaners..I've opted for bantu knots...reallllll easy...heres a pic: ...................................................................................................ok so the only thing I did to achieve the "bantu knot" loos was: wash, retwist roots with IC Fantasia Gel, and take three locs and twist them like Im making a two strand twist and then I roll it around and keep wrapping until it stayed. I didn't use bands, bobby pins...I dont have time for all that! lol. So I will usually leave the knot set in for a complete day, while it dried...I spray some water mixed w olive oil in my scalp and the next day....I look like this! ......................and another one.... I do have to say that I love this bantu-knot out. It lasts me for about a week, of course I cover my head up at night with a satin cap and spray a little oil on my scalp. Also with this style, you can do mohawks & the one side mohawk lol ( i will do a tut on that one day)..but until next time...keep it locd!


A Quick Update!!

Just letting you guys know whats up w my locz!!!! Hope you enjoy! :)



Just thinkin'....

So, I did my first wash about a week ago....and to my surprise NO SLIPPAGE!! This really made me so happy because, I really like these babies and I am NOT even trying to do them over again! LOL I know that I was suppose to wait until a whole month, but that wasn't even happenin'! I have currently been using Mango & Lime Tingle shampoo, but I think I might have to change because, I did notice that my scalp did not feel as clean as I wanted! Yuck!!!!!! Hold On....this is my jam!!!

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anywayz....I will be finding another shampoo to tighten up the scalp! :)

In other news, for my Anniversary, I tried a braid out!

.......and this is how it turned out!

...another one of my jamz:

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but so I will be back with a more detailed update!




People's Opinons and Loc Extensions

Yes! I am back and more heated than ever! I just finished watching a video on YT, this chick is talking about Loc Extensions should not be a style!! SKKKKKKEKERRRRRT! Uhm wait a minute! Why are people dissing the loc extensions?

I've been seeing lately that alot of people are against the whole idea of the extensions, cuz it's not "Organic" or "Real". Well this is my thought on it...I don't belive that everyone wants to go through the same phases as others and then some folks have hair that is hard to lock and they just want to find a way to make it work. Here's my story I tried to loc my hair each way there is known to man! I started with backcombing,coils,braids,twists and interlocking and none of them worked! My hair would start off good in the beginning but always took a turn for the worst! So, before I changed my mind...I decided on Loc Extensions.


At first I was kinda skeptical because I did feel like people would talk behind my back and say that "she cheated" or "it's ugly"....but you know what? Folks have been talking about me ever since I was in the 4th grade, you think I give a flying flip now? HECK NAW!!!!! They can kiss my behind!

For one thing, it's a personal decision and I know what's best for MY hair. I hate when people give their opinions on something that does not concern them. I see alot of people do that on YT....people work hard on their videos and their creations and people get up there and act a fool on someones site. WHACK~~~

But anyways, I love my Loc Extensions and I would not have it any other is day 13 for me and everything is coming along nicely! I'm so excited and I can't wait to see what my hair looks like in a month!


Loc Extensions is the Last straw

well people's...I recently came to a grim reality!!! My hair texture is too soft and it's going to take alot longer to lock than I thought. So my answer....LOC EXTENSIONS. Yes, that's right I said it! I have tried just about every method there is without pulling my hair out!!! First there was backcombing, braidlocz,coils,interlocking and guess what??? none of them I was forced to look up another way (expensive way, should I say) and Loc Extensions was the next best thing. Because of the times we live in, I just could not see myself paying $500 for something that I know that I could do myself (neither could my husband) here are a few pix from the end results.

..I think that I did a pretty good job @ it considering that some peoples locs look like this..
this.....and this..

Yup! I did pretty darn good!!! I used Beverly Johnson Human Hair Bulk...the store I bought the hair from sold two bulks in one for $27.98, and I used four bulks in yea I paid in all about $100 or so.

Here are the instructions:

1. Part hair into desired section

2. Take a THIN piece of the human hair and start braiding the hair into your hair as if your making a micro braid.

3. Take a thicker piece of the human hair and hold one end up against the braid adn begin to wrap the hair around the braid, (basically covering up the braid itself).

4. Keep wrapping until you come to the desired length, of course if you want long locs you will have to add more hair to the loc.

5. Repeat until you are finished.

*****Word of Caution*****

Don't wash your hair for about a month, this will give the human hair and your hair time to mesh and become intertwined.

Do not put oil or grease on the loc itself, of course you want slippage!

Always cover your locs @ night to keep free from lint and other nasty stuff! YUCK!!

A few videos that helped me through the process...


and her part three:

and also a Big shoutout to Sabrina the "Dreadlock Extension Queen"

..please visit her on shows you the process and the finished look.

There are also tons of other tutorials around, just find one that works for you!!!

Happy Loc'in


Not Happy At All!!!!

well my lockhead family...I have a bit of upsetting news!!!! I had to start my babies all over again! Why? you might ask...well here it goes

1. The loctician that I chose creadted her own "loc butter" which smelled great, had an awesome texture but after about two whole months on prgoressing into the locked world...her "loc butter" turned white and was showing up on the ends of my locs! It looked like glue and it was SOOOOOOOOO much of it and just washing alone was NOT helping!!!!

2. By the "white-loc butter glue" being on the ends of my locs...they were not even trying to loc at the ends. They would all look uniform until the ends!!!!!! UGGGHHH this really made me upset!!!

3. Last but not least, eventhough I retwisted my hair myself a few times...I noticed that some of my locs were going in a different direction than most...this being going "clockwise" instead if "counter clockwise"!

Sooooooooooooooooooo, with all that being said, I had to figure a way to correct what was ruined the moment I let that woman touch my hair! lol, it's not really funny, but it is now. So what i decided to do for the FINAL TIME...I interlocked!!!!

This was the final product:...........see? not too different from what I had before, but by interlocking..I see the length my hair is, it stands up everywhere and I just personally like it! It is really working for me and I get lots of compliments on it! Yes, I am not an expert...but I think I did a pretty darn good job at it!

I followed the 9,6,3,12 pattern and went from this:

so Im happy for now, and I cant wait to see the progress in the following months!! If you have any questions..please ask! Peace