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All Me


The Birth!!!

Peace Everyone!

I have decided to start keeping track of my loc journey. This is such a huge time in my life right now! many changes, so many new things.....I figured it was time for a fro that is! :}

I went all natural July 29th, 2009. It's now October 21st and after the Big Chop, I have 3 inches of hair now!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!! So after some careful considerations, research and watching zillions of YT videos.....I've made the choice to loc my hair!!!!

I did try other ways but to NO avail...braidlocs and two strand twists did nothing for me!!!! All b/c I think I was trying to do it progress AT ALL!!!

So with that in mind, I've made a{n} appointment w a natural hair we will see what the end results will be!!! :D