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People's Opinons and Loc Extensions

Yes! I am back and more heated than ever! I just finished watching a video on YT, this chick is talking about Loc Extensions should not be a style!! SKKKKKKEKERRRRRT! Uhm wait a minute! Why are people dissing the loc extensions?

I've been seeing lately that alot of people are against the whole idea of the extensions, cuz it's not "Organic" or "Real". Well this is my thought on it...I don't belive that everyone wants to go through the same phases as others and then some folks have hair that is hard to lock and they just want to find a way to make it work. Here's my story I tried to loc my hair each way there is known to man! I started with backcombing,coils,braids,twists and interlocking and none of them worked! My hair would start off good in the beginning but always took a turn for the worst! So, before I changed my mind...I decided on Loc Extensions.


At first I was kinda skeptical because I did feel like people would talk behind my back and say that "she cheated" or "it's ugly"....but you know what? Folks have been talking about me ever since I was in the 4th grade, you think I give a flying flip now? HECK NAW!!!!! They can kiss my behind!

For one thing, it's a personal decision and I know what's best for MY hair. I hate when people give their opinions on something that does not concern them. I see alot of people do that on YT....people work hard on their videos and their creations and people get up there and act a fool on someones site. WHACK~~~

But anyways, I love my Loc Extensions and I would not have it any other is day 13 for me and everything is coming along nicely! I'm so excited and I can't wait to see what my hair looks like in a month!


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