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Loc Extensions is the Last straw

well people's...I recently came to a grim reality!!! My hair texture is too soft and it's going to take alot longer to lock than I thought. So my answer....LOC EXTENSIONS. Yes, that's right I said it! I have tried just about every method there is without pulling my hair out!!! First there was backcombing, braidlocz,coils,interlocking and guess what??? none of them I was forced to look up another way (expensive way, should I say) and Loc Extensions was the next best thing. Because of the times we live in, I just could not see myself paying $500 for something that I know that I could do myself (neither could my husband) here are a few pix from the end results.

..I think that I did a pretty good job @ it considering that some peoples locs look like this..
this.....and this..

Yup! I did pretty darn good!!! I used Beverly Johnson Human Hair Bulk...the store I bought the hair from sold two bulks in one for $27.98, and I used four bulks in yea I paid in all about $100 or so.

Here are the instructions:

1. Part hair into desired section

2. Take a THIN piece of the human hair and start braiding the hair into your hair as if your making a micro braid.

3. Take a thicker piece of the human hair and hold one end up against the braid adn begin to wrap the hair around the braid, (basically covering up the braid itself).

4. Keep wrapping until you come to the desired length, of course if you want long locs you will have to add more hair to the loc.

5. Repeat until you are finished.

*****Word of Caution*****

Don't wash your hair for about a month, this will give the human hair and your hair time to mesh and become intertwined.

Do not put oil or grease on the loc itself, of course you want slippage!

Always cover your locs @ night to keep free from lint and other nasty stuff! YUCK!!

A few videos that helped me through the process...


and her part three:

and also a Big shoutout to Sabrina the "Dreadlock Extension Queen"

..please visit her on shows you the process and the finished look.

There are also tons of other tutorials around, just find one that works for you!!!

Happy Loc'in

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