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All Me


Not Happy At All!!!!

well my lockhead family...I have a bit of upsetting news!!!! I had to start my babies all over again! Why? you might ask...well here it goes

1. The loctician that I chose creadted her own "loc butter" which smelled great, had an awesome texture but after about two whole months on prgoressing into the locked world...her "loc butter" turned white and was showing up on the ends of my locs! It looked like glue and it was SOOOOOOOOO much of it and just washing alone was NOT helping!!!!

2. By the "white-loc butter glue" being on the ends of my locs...they were not even trying to loc at the ends. They would all look uniform until the ends!!!!!! UGGGHHH this really made me upset!!!

3. Last but not least, eventhough I retwisted my hair myself a few times...I noticed that some of my locs were going in a different direction than most...this being going "clockwise" instead if "counter clockwise"!

Sooooooooooooooooooo, with all that being said, I had to figure a way to correct what was ruined the moment I let that woman touch my hair! lol, it's not really funny, but it is now. So what i decided to do for the FINAL TIME...I interlocked!!!!

This was the final product:...........see? not too different from what I had before, but by interlocking..I see the length my hair is, it stands up everywhere and I just personally like it! It is really working for me and I get lots of compliments on it! Yes, I am not an expert...but I think I did a pretty darn good job at it!

I followed the 9,6,3,12 pattern and went from this:

so Im happy for now, and I cant wait to see the progress in the following months!! If you have any questions..please ask! Peace